What are the Signs You’re Ready to Move in Together?

Couple moving in with each otherAt one point in your relationship, you’ll encounter a crucial decision that could make or break you: moving in together. Perhaps you’ve thought about it yourself already because it’s more practical, or you think you can grow your relationship better with this set-up.

Whatever your reasons are, know that moving in together would put a spotlight on the maturity of the relationship and your commitment towards each other. If you see these signs, it’s the right time to take it up a notch:

You’re comfortable talking about money

Moving in together requires a lot of money talks, from the down payment and mortgage fees for the condo for sale you’re eyeing in Ortigas to the electricity and water bills. If you’re not upfront about the state of your personal finances before moving in, you might be headed not just towards a money pit, but a relationship disaster.

So, before moving in, be an expert in navigating money talks. Be honest with your partner about your income and debts. From there, plan how you can better manage your finances for the move.

You’re well aware of each other’s habits and quirks

If ever you’ve lived with a roommate before, you probably know well that other people’s living habits can easily throw you off. And this isn’t any different with your significant other. Little things you don’t do, like leaving the lights on during sleep or not putting the toilet seat down, could get to you over time.

If you’ve slept over at each other’s places and travelled together a couple of times, you probably already have an idea about your partner’s quirks and habits. If you’ve already given up that urge to control and change your partner, you’re ready for that move.

You acknowledge that it’s going to get tough

The move, of course, comes with perks, but it also has some challenges. And if you don’t have yet a balanced view about it, refusing to recognize that there will be problems along the way, you might not be ready to move in yet. Have the right perspective. Discuss with your partner and plan for action whenever problems crop up.

Moving in together is a huge step of leveling up the relationship. Prepare right for the big move.