Ways to Reinvent Scrap Metal

Scrap Metal in Wairau ValleyThere is a concept called “circular economy,” which means that all products manufactured must follow a recyclable design wherein users can have them dismantled and recreated into another item. One of the things where you can apply this is with scrap metal because it has multiple uses after the useful life of the original.

Here are some of the ways to reinvent scrap metal for future use.

Home Furnishings

Metal Salvage Services Ltd’s metal recyclers in Auckland note that metal furnishings are often reusable because you can turn them into home furnishings. Some manufacturers and recycling centres can have the materials melted and reinvented for future use. Some companies are already focusing on reinventing certain items such as clock faces turned into table tops, chairs transformed into car bonnets and aeroplane doors reused as chests.

Works of Art

As the cliché goes, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure; artists use their creativity to turn trash into gold. They transform scrap metal into pieces of art that add value to a particular place, whether it is in parks or public facilities. They can turn one dimensional metal doors into 3-D pieces that catch the attention of passersby. Other companies reuse the materials as unique pieces of furniture for homeowners.

Reuse in Industrial Niches

Scrap metals are possible materials used by construction companies for various projects such as bridges and roads. Companies in the transportation niche can also use the parts to manufacture aircrafts, vehicles and others. Some disposed iron and aluminium are a part of small appliances and containers used to store goods.

Higher Quality Metal Products

Recycled scrap metals are possible materials for higher quality tools when they undergo a process called electric arc furnace. The latter is one way to manufacture stainless steel and other durable products for daily use. Scrap copper also undergoes a similar process such as going through a reverberator and blast furnace to become a new product.

These are some ways to recycle and reuse scrap metal; find ways to reinvent junk to do your part in conserving and saving the environment.