Waste Recycling: Scrap Metals As An Unexploited Resource

Waste MetalApart from the unwanted metal produced from aerosols, a lot of waste metal is also generated by the automobile and electrical industries. Often, such metal waste is dumped as unwanted garbage. However, recycling provides an opportunity for not only saving the environment but also for adding value to the waste metal.

Recycling of Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metals

They form the bulk of all the waste metal that is recycled. A visit to your local scrap metal merchant will tell you that ferrous metal is the most prevalent metal and, thus, the most recycled of the two.

Upon recycling, ferrous metal may be used as a raw material for the manufacture of steel. Steel is the most common metal used in a majority of the fabrication industries.

Management of Waste Aerosol Cans

It is estimated that every citizen uses up to 10 aerosol cans every year. If at least half of the population disposed of the cans in a recycle bin, it would result in a boost for both the environment and the metal industry. That is because it would eliminate the need for the purification of metal ores which are the main source of CO2 and SO2 gases. Such gases lead to the formation of acid rain.

This means that just by throwing your waste containers in the recycle bin, you can do your part in improving the quality of water for marine life.

Turning Your Waste into Cash

Imagine if you could get paid for every garbage bin that you filled. Well, recycling metal provides you with such an opportunity. Every day, the price of scrap metal rises. That means that you can convert the scrap metal lying in your backyard into money.

The recycling of waste metal allows for the generation of income while helping maintain the environment at the same time. It provides a rare win-win situation as human beings benefit from both money and a good environment from the recycling of unwanted metal.