Use These Corporate Travel Trends to Plan Your Corporate Gifts

CEO travellingBuilding B2B relationships takes time, so companies should consider grabbing every opportunity to connect. This includes giving corporate gifts during occasions, such as the holiday season.

For businesses with partners or B2B customers who are frequent fliers, here are the latest travel trends to consider when deciding on the best gifts:

Work Detox

More corporate executives travel primarily to get away from work and technology. At least 22 per cent in the Amex survey considered it as a goal for 2018. Ironically, the same report cited how 61 per cent felt they don’t have enough time for the things they want to do.

How do all these points affect your choice of corporate gifts? Giftfinder, a UK-based promotional merchandise company that supplies corporate presents globally, believes mugs and planners might be less effective than luggage tags and leather passport holders for this group. For those who want to give personal care products, choosing travel-sized bundles may be more worth appreciating.

The Rise of Bleisure Travellers

Thanks to mobile technology including smartphones and wireless Internet connection, more executives are combining business with leisure (bleisure). Based on a FoundersCard survey among its members, 81 per cent were bleisure travellers. About 23 per cent purposely chose a specific destination for work.

They are also likely to plan to take more of these trips with about 50 per cent of the respondents planning at least five trips annually.

Premium Experience

Business travel is expensive, so it’s normal for companies to limit the budget. However, the recent American Express survey revealed that travellers these days don’t mind spending more for better service. Some of the desired upgrades are seats and accommodations, with 41 per cent choosing rooms with a view.

When it comes to giving corporate gifts, it’s not enough to just keep up with the holiday spirit. Well-thought-out gifts show your level of commitment and attention to the partnership.