Two Eco-Friendly Ways to Live on after Death

Eco-Friendly FuneralChances are that you’ve probably never thought about what happens to your body after you die. Although inevitable, death remains a tricky or even taboo subject for many people. Many of these views are culturally reinforced and, in most cases, only serve to complicate the subject.

Luckily, many of these beliefs are falling by the wayside as people become more open to the idea of death and end of life. In fact, many people are choosing what happens to their bodies once they die. This helps to explain the popularity of eco-funeral services in the UK.

Give Back Even in Death

Scientists posit that you can neither destroy nor create matter. Rather, you can only transform from one form to the other. The same case happens with human bodies after death. Once a body is buried, the decomposition process begins.

The minerals and the nutrients in your body integrate with the soil to increase soil fertility and provide nourishment to nearby plants. Conventional burial in wooden caskets curtails this cycle. An eco-friendly casket made from recycled materials such as cardboard or banana leaf breakdown quickly and are quite affordable. For a great effect, opt for a woodland burial where you are interred in an expansive swathe of natural vegetation.

Give Them a Tree

It may sound strange, but you can indeed make a comeback as a tree after your demise. No, this is not about reincarnation. Instead of going for a regular burial, you can opt to have your family cremate your body. You also need to ask them not to keep the ashes on the mantel in the living room.

Rather, have them bury your ashes in a biodegradable plant pot made of natural fibres and cellulose. The ashes, which are rich in phosphates provide nutrition to the growing plant to give you a new lease on life. Best of all, you have a choice over what kind of tree to nourish to carry on your legacy long after you’ve gone.

Given its inevitability, death shouldn’t be a scary nor a taboo subject. Keeping an open mind helps you to make great choices that live on even after your long go.