Top Materials Used in for Cladding in Australian Homes Today

Stack Of Metal In AustraliaProtecting the interior from harsh environmental conditions that characterise many areas in Australia is the function of the building’s envelope or shell, along with the structural components and mechanical features that make living in modern times convenient.

Home and garage cladding products have evolved greatly in the past few decades, and yet some materials remain at the top of the list. Let us have a quick look at two of the most popular materials used as building envelopes—timber and metal.

The classic and enduring choice—timber

Protection, safety, and security—these are some of the functions assigned to the shell of the building. Good quality timber offers these, along with the elegance and charm that only natural materials are capable of rendering. Timber has proven its worth in terms of structural performance. Moreover, it becomes evident time and again that Australians are easily bewitched by the unique appearance and beauty of wood profiles.

Standard hardwood timber cladding is always in demand. These days, no matter what region you reside in Australia, you will also find timber cladding applications engineered to be more durable and possess greater resistance to rot and insects. Builders currently prefer materials sourced from certified sustainable forests and prepared without using additives, which may be harmful to humans and the environment. Primed panel sheets are also relatively affordable and manufacturers make sure the products they sell are low maintenance and come with reasonable warranty coverage in order to attract buyers.

Metal building envelopes for variety and longevity

Steel panels are popular because they are affordable and versatile. You can use them as cladding for the main house, the garage or outbuildings. The pre-coated sheets of steel are not only for home use. There are applications for industrial and commercial use as well. A steel envelope makes for a high-performance building.

A building with a controlled internal environment offers its occupants a comfortable and healthy place to live or work in. Make the right choice.