Top 10 Survey Questions to Get Clear Feedback from Customers

Customer Feedback in Melbourne One of the ideal ways to get feedback from customers is to have them answer a survey. However, you have to know which questions to ask to get the most useful answers. The following are sample survey questions to consider:

• Describe yourself. Who are you?

You should obtain their demographical data to spot potential trends (generational or not). If you have a B2B business, learn what’s their industry and company position.

• What do you use our product for? Is it solving any of your problems?

This is an ideal time to understand what your target customers’ problems are — you might even learn about the unintended uses of your product.

• Is your life better because of our product?

Ask your customers to specify how your product has helped them, and if they answer positively, ask if they could provide a testimonial or case study.

• Which benefit or feature do you like most?

When you know the answer to this question, you could include it in your product descriptions and ad copy.

• Did you have other alternatives before purchasing our product or availing of our service?

This will tell you who your biggest competitors are.

• Why did you purchase our product/service among other similar ones?

Many renowned digital marketing agencies in Melbourne say that these can help you know what’s working and what’s not in your current ad copies, online campaigns, and marketing efforts.

• Did you have any hesitations or doubts before purchasing?

Determine prime friction sources and resolve or address them accordingly.

• Did you have any questions that weren’t answered?

Take note that half of purchases weren’t completed because of inadequate information, which means that you must ensure that you give your customers all the information they need to convert.

• Would you like to tell us anything else?

Let your customers say what they want. It can be good or bad, but at least you allowed them to speak their mind.

• Would you like us to offer anything else?

You could get ideas for services or products that your customers are already ready and willing to pay for.

You don’t have to survey each of your customers, at least 20 to a hundred will do, especially those who had recent purchase experiences. Lastly, don’t simply give these generic survey questions; make sure to adjust them to get clearer answers.