Three Ways to Make Your Office Eco-Friendly

Interior of meeting roomFinding eco-friendly and sustainable office furniture is slowly gaining popularity nowadays. More and more people are now taking responsibility for the planet. If you are looking for earth-friendly furniture options, here are some tips from

Recycled materials

You can use pieces of furniture made from recycled or reclaimed materials such as wood or iron for your office. In fact, some companies use factory wood scrapes or even flawed wood pieces to create new pieces of furniture.

Another option that you may consider is recycled furniture. Antique pieces of furniture can give your office a much more rustic feel. It somehow tells its own story and is a great way to add life to your workspace.

Biodegradable materials

Other types of furniture that you may want to consider are materials made of wood, plant products, and paper. Biodegradable materials are best for furniture that may eventually wear out in a few years, like a mattress. Mattresses usually last for at least 10 years and are often thrown at landfills. Biodegradable mattresses decompose much easier and even help give back to the environment by fertilising it.

Non-toxic finishes

Solvent-based finishes only add to the pollution by releasing volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the air. Using water-based finishes is a much better alternative to finishing pieces of wood furniture.

You may also want to ask help from any of your employees about the various eco-friendly furniture stores in your area. Asking them questions can also help you discover other products that can help you with turning your office space into a much more eco-friendly environment.