The Truth behind Burglars Going Back to the Crime Scene

a burglar attempting to break into a houseIn crime documentaries, experts usually say, ‘criminals always return to the scene of the crime’, especially when dealing with crimes of passion. But in the case of burglary, victims often don’t think they’d be victimised again after an incident. After all, after the harrowing experience, they’ve already tightened security around the house. Still, there’s a huge possibility that burglars will return.

The Burglar’s Better Advantage

The number one risk burglars face in executing their crimes is uncertainty. This is the reason most of them scout the community first so they can familiarise themselves with what time people go to the office or which houses have a lot of potential high-value items before they attack. So, if they’ve already successfully entered your home, the uncertainty is reduced. More or less, they know the layout of your home, which entry points are okay and where the valuables are located.

It’s all the more important not just to install a strong home security, but also to make sure that the system is up and running always.

No Misses, This Time

Burglars go in and out of your property in haste. Most crimes take place in under 10 minutes. In that short period, there will be items to miss. So the tendency is to go back and grab those items, at a time when homeowners have already ‘recovered’ from the last burglary and are less guarded.

It’s also possible that they would go back for items that have now been replaced. It will be natural for homeowners to get another laptop or other electronics that have been stolen. Again, this points to the importance of strengthening security measures at your home.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of homeowners who’ve gone through the horrible experience of being robbed are more at risk of facing yet another same tragedy. But the good thing about this is there are lots of available security technologies you can equip your home with. So use them. Be smarter and sneakier than these criminals.