The Past of Lake Minnetonka: Here’s Why This Place is a Good Place to Stay In for Good

Lake Minnetonka of MinnesotaLake Minnetonka is located about twenty miles west of the famous Twin Cities of Minnesota. It boasts more than 100 miles of shoreline and geologists discovered that the melting glacial ice formed its unique shape.

This location has a convenient access to the entire metropolitan area. Minnetonka is one of the largest lakes in the state. It name lives up to its characteristics since Minnetonka means “Big Waters”.

Lake Minnetonka’s Past

Lake Minnetonka’s history is rich and colorful. In the past, various Native American tribes inhabited the area for hundreds of years before portagers discovered it in 1822. Three decades later, locals built a dam on the Minnehaha Creek. The logger’s settlement grew into a village called Minnetonka Hills.

After the Civil War, businessmen built some of the biggest hotels in the nation such as Hotel St. Louis and Hotel Lafayette. Other tourist spots emerged as time passed by.

Aside from tourists, people started moving to the area and lived in residential locations.

Living in Lake Minnetonka

As the years passed, many people moved to this area to establish their own homes. Houses for sale on Lake Minnetonka emerged as the population grew. About 86 percent are owner-occupied houses, which means that most of the residents own their own house.

There are a lot of quality schools in the area that make it good for families to move into. Aside from that, 95 percent of the residents travel by car. The houses are also relatively cheap with the median price about $298,400. For those renting apartments, the median rent rate per month is $1,875.

People who are looking for affordable housing should make sure they want to move into a more outdoorsy environment. They will escape the hustle-bustle of the city life and live in a place so serene, peaceful and calm.

Lake Minnetonka has a lot to offer to its constituents, that is why more and more people are moving to this area.