The One Thing You Shouldn’t Forget When Choosing an SEO Firm

SEOExperience, specialisation, length of time in business, types of services offered, history, reputation and cost: you know all these are critical when choosing a search engine optimisation (SEO) company. They play huge roles in the development and execution of your campaign, with each having their goals, but all in all, working together to bring great results.

However, one more thing you should never forget is ethics. Your optimisation efforts should revolve around ethical or lawful practices, or at the very least, non-black-hat techniques.

What techniques constitute ethical SEO practices?

Referred to as ‘white hat’ techniques, these are strategies in accordance with the search engines’ guidelines. Although the major search engines have varying webmaster guidelines, they have the same rules for content quality, indexing, content descriptions and organisation for improved inclusion.

Using ‘black hat’ tactics is a big no-no for these search engines, and once they spot sites that do (and they do, very quickly), severe penalties will be served. They may ban your site temporarily or permanently.

Where can SEO go astray?

PurpleClick Media, an SEO service provider in Singapore, explains SEO as a tool to help increase your conversion rate and return on investment. You have several ways of achieving these results. Search engines consider tactics such as buying links, directories and blog networks as unethical. Building websites for the sole purpose of linking back to the main site is another red flag.

Too many press releases, and you may get penalised. Stuffing articles with keywords and key phrases, aside from being a black hat strategy, also leads to poor content quality.  These are just a few examples of when SEO campaigns go wrong.

What can you do to make your site attractive to search engines?

No one can completely master SEO, what with all the changes major search engines roll out on a regular basis, but there are some far more experienced than you are. These people also have a wider understanding of what’s good and what’s not, and the best way to make your site legit and ethical is to see what they would do.