The Good Things about a Hygienic Bathroom for Business

A Clean and Hygienic BathroomFor most clients, the bathroom is the reflection of a company’s hygiene and reputation. In fact, one study suggests that 99 per cent of washroom users believe that an unhygienic washroom reflects badly on the business’ name.

From installing new cubicles and shower partitions to adding some accessories such as vanities and cabinets, keeping a good hygiene can boost a brand’s image. Here are the benefits of renovating your workplace bathroom:

Business Reputation

A modern washroom can help set your business apart from your competition in many ways. Indeed, a bad bathroom image reflects your business. It makes your brand look poor and weak, unhygienic at the most. A complete bathroom makeover makes your workplace look more professional where visitors and your employees are treated with the respect they deserve.

Good for Business

Studies suggest that customers tend to stay longer in an establishment that offers a decent and comfortable bathroom experience. Indeed, everyone needs to use the bathrooms at some point. Remember that a dirty bathroom is a complete turn-off, which greatly affects your customers’ decision whether to stay or go somewhere else.

Employees Feel Important

Having a hygienic bathroom not just impresses your clients; it also serves your employees. A hygienic bathroom makes every user feel comfortable, especially those who regularly use it, which are of course your employees. The impression of a hygienic place starts with the bathroom.

Bathroom Expenses

Whilst it is true that renovating your bathroom could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, it actually helps you save money from utility bills. From energy-efficient bathroom fixtures to waterless urinals, operational expenses can be lower compared to the old facility.

Ultimately, you are investing in good customer experience when you decide to renovate your workplace bathroom. It may never reflect directly under the return on investment column, but having a positive and hygienic bathroom experience can attract more customers into your place of business.