The Basics of Selling Jewelry Online

A digital marketing planLet’s face it. Pieces of jewelry, especially pure gold or platinum ones, are not exactly fast moving items. Many companies have already created websites so they can display a catalog of their latest offerings. What some of them don’t realize, however, is that their website can only help push sales for their products if they do the following:

Create a responsive website

An ordinary-looking website won’t be enough to attract and excite potential buyers. If you want to be more visible online, the first thing you should do is improve the look and feel of your site. It should have great photos, multiple pages and show the various collections you have as well as celebrities or A-listers who have bought and worn your pieces. On the technical side, the website should load fast regardless of having plenty of photos and should also be mobile responsive. This simply means that the website adjusts to the size of the screen, whether it is a tablet or a mobile phone.

Optimize your website

When it comes to optimizing the website, it simply means that your site should be compliant with new rules and guidelines for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If you’re unsure on how to go about this, you can hire professionals who specialize in crafting online marketing campaigns and services for jewelers. They can offer sound advice on which keywords to use for a niche as well as what content or social media marketing strategy will work best for you.

In most instances, jewelry marketers use videos to promote the products as well as create name and brand recall. They also make use of freebies such as e-books or jewelry cleaning kits, which they give away free after a customer purchases a certain product. There’s an endless array of options for promoting your jewelry products online.