The Amateur Artist: Investing Watercolor Painting Tools and Gear

Painting tools in Salt Lake CityA beginner can get pretty overwhelmed with all the watercolor tools in the market. If you intend to make a profession out of painting, you have to know the value and usefulness of each one. That way, you can invest in your hardware wisely.


Familiarize yourself with your paint and palette. Even if they’re the cheapest store-brought brand or a prized quality name ordered online, paint is nothing without an artist’s dedication and understanding of the medium. Test out every paint you purchase to find out the range of its quality with your existing brushes, papers, and techniques. Discover what you can do with primary, secondary, and tertiary combinations. Finally, keep track of what works best for your style and keep practicing it.


The cheapest ones come in simple plastic handles and have low-quality nylon or synthetic bristles, which can’t hold a lot of water and may be quite scratchy with even the best paper. High-quality, more expensive brushes, can be a hybrid of natural and synthetic hairs. These hold a great amount of water, are sensitive to pressure, and glide over paper with ease. Do invest on the top-grade, durable brushes to get the most out of your purchase.


Paper is the third part of the “Holy Trinity” of watercolor artists and other mediums. It is essential that you get paper of good quality for both practice and final pieces. Whatever brand you choose, don’t stick to one size for too long. Test your painting skills with small, postcard-sized paper or larger canvases. You can also find out which is more convenient: loose leaves, ring or thread binding, or blocks. And since you’re not getting it cheap, do consider filing for cash loans to finance your Salt Lake City purchases, according to Utah Money Center.

The best way to become familiar with your equipment is to use them continually. Don’t be scared to try out new things while enjoying the creative, learning process of your medium. Consider this money well-spent as you do intend to sell your paintings in the future.