Stand Out and Stand Proud: Top Perks to Offer Your Guests

hotel guests at the front deskSome guests travel for necessity, whilst others for pleasure. Nevertheless, both groups have the freedom to choose where they would stay. Your guests have several hotels to choose from, but there are many perks you can offer to make your them choose you.

Other than the much-needed hospitality supplies, you only have to use some of your funds for this. Here are some simple, yet useful things you can do to make your hotel stand out:

Contact your guests before they check-in

If it is already six hours after the check-in time and you are still waiting for 50 percent of the guests to arrive, call them. This small gesture will showcase a more personal touch to how you run the business and they will know that you are expecting them.

After an issue, call them back

One of your guests may contact the front desk and complain that their toilet will not stop running. Your service does not have to end when a plumber repaired the issue. Call them back to double check if they now feel satisfied with their room.

Identify a guest’s birthday month and give them a token

This might cost you a bit, but it is a form of advertising on its own. Your guest will post their ratings or reviews online, update their status on Facebook and recommend your place to their friends. Train your employees to watch for guests checking in during their birthday month. Have your staff be quiet at first and then surprise the guest by sending a small token to their room.

As you are probably aware, travellers have the tendency to release their travel grievances in your hotel in any manner or channel. No matter how trivial the acts listed here may seem, they will enhance your guests’ stay and will lead to a more profitable hotel business operation.