Some Tips on Making a Good First Impression Through Your Business Website

Website displayed in artWhether your business website has been around for a long time or you are just launching it, there are certain aspects you’ll want to get right before critics get to see everything. Once your site is live, anyone can dissect it and judge your business from what they see.

They haven’t even gotten to the products or services you offer, but they’ve already formed an opinion. As unfair as that sounds, it happens. Here’s what you should do to increase the chances of your website being received well:

Use authentic photographs

While stock photos might already have every possible detail, situation or position you want to showcase on your website, there is no running away from the manufactured quality of these shots. What you want instead is to use business photography to your advantage.

A professional photographer in Salt Lake City could sit with your executives and take photos for you to use on your website. This isn’t just for headshots, too. You could also feature client-facing employees in action to give prospective clients an idea of how your company works.

Introduce the team

For team introductions, you’ll want professional photographs of each person or department. You do not have to include everyone, but the key individuals in each team should be there.

Give them plenty of time to prepare — which includes dressing their best and getting comfortable in front of the camera. These will stay on the website for years, which means you and your staff should take it seriously.

Set the tone

It’s a business website, but if quirkiness is part of your brand’s personality, go ahead and inject a little humor and creativity into photos.

For example, advertising agencies usually showcase their playful personality through creative shots. Fun fonts and graphic tees could work in your favor, too. However, if you are in a more corporate industry, you will want everyone to look appropriate.

There’s plenty to consider before you direct everyone to your website. Seeing as anyone can take screenshots, they might not let you forget your site’s cringe-worthy state. It’s best to cover all your bases from the beginning.