Social Listening is Key in Identifying Customers

MarketingCompanies have been employing the services of focus groups and surveys to determine who the customers are. After all, what could beat first-hand information that came from the individuals themselves? It has been a gold mine of information most useful in creating effective marketing campaigns.

These data-gathering methods prove to be effective, albeit limited. In this age of information, only a few still rely on third-party information. More often than not, they seek certified facts about their interests. Be it food, people, events or organizations, there is a treasure trove of information easily accessible through the Internet.

In the Internet lies a more effective tool in getting to know customers: social media networks.

Performing the Basic Marketing Task

From Perth to Brisbane, marketing agencies start any campaign by identifying the target market. The only difference in social media is the population profiles, which are accurate depiction of who they are in real life. Nonetheless, getting it done is a vital step in a fruitful social media listening.

Valuable Information: Free of Charge

There are more than 2 billion active social media accounts with 1.7 billion of them using mobile platforms. At any given time, millions of people share their experiences on their preferred social media site. The main problem with this is getting the big picture. A 140-character blurb cannot provide a person’s entire thought, while a long-winded Facebook post is unlikely to get more than a couple of reads.

The secret is looking at the entirety of a user’s activity. From that point of view, marketers can identify what shows they watch, what products they buy, where they frequent and more. Bundled together, it creates an intimate picture of a customer and their habits.

What to Do with the Information

Marketers use this information to optimise marketing campaigns. It shapes how campaigns are supposed to be, flexible to accommodate the diversity of customers. They can change the keywords, create new content or collaborate with organisations with close ties to the target market. The more focused this is, the more customers can identify to it.

With all kinds of tools nowadays, it should be easier to pinpoint the intended audience. Add social listening in the mix, and then companies could deliver marketing that appeals to people on a deeper level.