SMS Marketing: Boost Your Response Rates with these Expert Guidelines

SMS MarketingWhether through QR codes, ads in video games or mobile banner ads, you have various means of promoting your business to mobile users. SMS or short messages service marketing is one of these. It is a high-return and affordable marketing tactic that leverages texting to deliver content and promos to customers, says an expert from Singtel Media. If you’re ready to launch an SMS marketing strategy, keep these guidelines in mind to help you increase customer response rates.

Make certain that CTAs are clear and concise

There are two driving factors for SMS campaigns, the short code and the keyword. Make sure that your text messages include a clear keyword and short code (a five-digit code) so that they could easily respond to what you’re offering.

Offer special incentives

Offer your SMS subscribers special deals that they wouldn’t have access to otherwise and make sure that only your SMS subscribers could take part of the deal. This will make them feel more special and in turn, more appreciative of your business.

Consider integrating MMS

If 160 characters aren’t enough to get your point across, integrate multimedia messaging service or MMS for sending images or video clips to your subscribers. You could include URLs to your online store or company website and YouTube videos to provide customers with a more visual view of your business.

Make your contests as interactive as possible

When your customers opt in or join your contest, include links to your site or social media accounts in automated replies. This is a very quick and simple way to make your customers aware of your online presence and tempt them to visit your links. From there, you could further engage them and create a more personal dialogue, adds an experienced digital marketer from a top digital agency in Singapore.

Personalise your SMS messages

Consider inserting your customer’s name in text messages since they’ll be more likely to reply if messages are directly addressed to them. You could likewise better target your customers with more relevant messages according to their preferences.

Send promos that promote urgency

Include an expiration date on your offers so that your customers will be more encouraged to respond to your CTA. This helps you obtain information or get results in a faster and more efficient way.

It is important to note that like email, SMS is also a permission-based marketing channel, such that your customers should clearly subscribe to your offerings, which will serve as their consent to receiving your messages. Ensure that you have consent and practice these aforementioned guidelines so you could be on your way to SMS marketing success in no time.