Simple Hacks to Motivate and Turn Employees into an Unstoppable Team

Happy Group of EmployeesHave you noticed that your employees are giving you blank stares during weekly meetings or when you enter the room, the conversation begins to fizzle out? This is an indication that your employees are only there physically. Employee motivation is a huge problem for managers and business owners everywhere. Motivating employees is not for the faint-hearted, as it takes time, patience and effort.

Here are some great strategies to motivate your employees:

Communicate with them

Let your employees know what is expected of them. You can reiterate this a couple of times and later do it less often. Avoid trying to be vague or indirect with them. Instead, be clear about your expectations. If things get complicated, get some professional help. You may want to outsource HR activities to assist you in encouraging your employees to be better.

Value them

Your employees need to know that they are valued and appreciated for all the hard work. You can do this by celebrating their anniversaries, birthdays and their personal milestones. Do not treat some employees better than others. Instead, treat them as equals by listening to what they have to suggest and coming up with ways to implement them.

Train them

Taking your employees for training tells them that you value them enough to want them to not only improve themselves but also help grow with the company. Training can be done in-house, through conferences or in workshops. Once they acquire the skills, they’ll be more motivated to put what they’ve learnt to work, which in turn means results for your business.

Create a comfortable, efficient and attractive workplace

No one wants to come to work at a desk or a seat that only leaves them sore and strained. When buying office furniture, go for ergonomically friendly desks and chairs. Find out what could make their work easier such as replacing their computer or getting them a photocopier machine. Do not forget to check on the AC.

Finally, do not forget to acknowledge a job well done publicly. You can do this via company emails, meeting or through newsletters. If you would like more advice on HR management, talk to an outsource HR service provider.