Should LNG Exporters in Australia Use Robotic Process Automation?

OilAustralian oil and gas companies should consider the potential benefits of using robotic process automation (RPA), which can be useful for completing repetitive tasks more quickly.

Energy companies can use the saved time for other essential tasks, such as focusing on LNG exports. An increase in new manufacturing orders in August will also keep them busier in the coming months, so ensuring a consistent supply of equipment will become more necessary.

Manufacturing Orders

If you’re looking for suppliers of MIG welding wires, now might be a good time to strike a favourable deal. The latter months of 2018 will be busier for manufacturers. An index showed that new orders and export orders rose in August.

Export Growth

As the country inches closer to becoming the world’s biggest LNG producer, the use of RPA can help oil and gas companies to improve joint venture accounting, lease records and mutual interest management.

Artificial technology and the Internet of Things are some of the other alternative techniques for these everyday tasks, but both take significant time for implementation. On the other hand, RPA serves as the quickest way to transform your LNG business. The system works by using script-based bots for task automation, which will also be helpful given the recent increase in manufacturing activity.

According to the Performance Manufacturing Index (PMI), new orders increased to 59.6 points for the month. This means that demand for production will be higher soon. A figure above 50 indicates an expansion, and the overall sector has been on an upward trend in terms of activity for the 23rd month in a row.

Energy and manufacturing companies should consider the benefits of integrating robotic automation into their business. Choose specialised suppliers for each type of project, from welding to power generation.