Recycling is Better than Landfill Waste Disposal

Waste Disposal Method in AucklandThe easiest way to dispose of wastes is to send it to landfills. This, however, does not mean that it is the most efficient waste disposal method. The truth is it is the least as it discourages adapting better waste management techniques.

Sending wastes to landfills increase than reduce. Moreover, it makes wastes entirely futile than finding new uses for them through recovering useful parts, recycling them into new products, or remanufacturing to their original form.

Yet despite opportunities for recycling and better waste disposal methods, why is it that most of the residential and commercial wastes end up in landfills?

More Awareness Campaigns

Lack of awareness can be one factor. Not in the sense that improper waste disposal can be harmful to humans and the environment because everyone knows that. But the knowledge that will have an immediate benefit to people.

For instance, provide them with information where different types of recyclable items can be sold or disposed of. Complete with a map, information on the nearest waste facility center, how to get there, or if these hold collection schedules.

A partnership with government and concerned industries and organizations will make information campaigns like this successful.

Appreciate Small Efforts with Big Impact

Another reason could be a lack of rewards and incentives. Residents that diligently segregate wastes, mind their collection schedule, and clean recyclable scrap metals before turning them into waste collectors ought to receive a tap on the back.

It can make a difference when waste collection workers appreciate these efforts. It can also be an opportunity to promote the benefits of segregation to the recycling industry as well as provide inspiration for others. Seeing how well other residents or businesses handle the disposal of their wastes can make others follow.


Lack of penalties for improper disposal of waste can also be factored in. It can be a way to make businesses prioritize better waste management because no business owner wants to attract attention due to a penalty.

Sending wastes to landfills should be the last resort in waste disposal options. It is convenient now but what are the little efforts we make for segregation and recycling if it means waste reduction, cleaner and safer environment, and opportunities for income generation?