Preparations for Moving Long Distance

couple movingLong-distance moves are completely different from local moves in so many ways, from the amount of luggage and the distance of transit to the duration of the movement. Therefore, when planning for a long distance move, you should start the planning process early.

But what are the things you should do apart from hiring long distance moving trucks beforehand? Colonial Van Lines and other experts list some preparations you should make:

Mark Your Boxes

The truck will be carrying items that belong to different members of the family. You want to be sure that you don’t lose your own belongings and have them mixed with other peoples’ belongings. Labeling makes it easy to identify your items and speed up the process of unloading.

Organize Belongings

The most common way to pack items when moving is putting them in separate boxes. One box should contain specific items of one kind, such as clothing, shoes, toys, fragile items, and books. Organizing your items will help in packing them according to their fragility. The unpacking process in your new home will also be easy, as you’ll know which box to be extra careful of.

Insure Your Items

Many unfortunate things can happen to your belongings during the loading, transit, and unloading process. Therefore, you can get full or basic insurance coverage to protect your valuables during the vigorous moving process. Consult with an insurance company to know what each insurance coverage entails and choose one that suits you best.

Know the Expected Delivery Window

During long-distance moves, the truck delivers goods to their owners during certain periods of time. Therefore, make it a point to know when to expect your goods. The moving company should give you a delivery window period within which you should receive your goods.

Making early preparations with long-distance moving trucks and packing your belongings beforehand will help you be more prepared. This way, you make the moving process easy.