Practical Reasons Why You Would Want To Move to Portland

The city of PortlandThe mention of Portland Oregon usually creates this visual of hippies, parties, festivities and concerts. However, there are the most practical reasons why you can consider living in Portland while you’re still single. Here are just a few sensible and convenient factors.

Continuous Development – There is a continuous trend of real-estate development in the whole of Portland. Having constant residential and commercial development means more jobs and homes for the locals. According to, you can check the mortgage rates of SW Portland area or the more elite NW Portland addresses for these newer apartments and buildings. For something in between, check the middle-class areas in SE Portland. It also has an artsy-hipster section too.

Environmental Awareness – Portland is into eco-friendliness, energy efficiency and the green movement. The most well-known realty companies are all certified Eco-Brokers because of a city program that promotes a green standard of development program for all their buildings and structures. Portland is also ranked as one of the top cities for its realty developments by the US Leadership in Energy and Environment Design (LEED). Solar panels, LED lighting, energy-efficient appliances, water-saving taps and showerheads and other energy-saving gadgets are the norm here.

Local Love – Sure, imported goods and commercialized labels are ok but Portlanders are proud of their local brews, food, cafes and restaurants. There are at numerous local brewers for beer and a globally-successful wine industry as well. Check them out at the yearly Oregon Brewers festival which is now fast becoming a worldwide tourist attraction. Local coffee shop owners are well-accepted and most of them offer their own coffee brews which boast healthy and nutritious additions. As a matter of fact, these coffee brews are already being well-received internationally as well.

Of course, there are the fun sights, the artsy people and unique Portland culture that become bonuses when you choose to move. But like any newbie who’s just transferred to a new city, make sure that you stick to the main thoroughfares until you get to know the city districts better. Good luck on your new life in Oregon.