Power Drive System Options for Electric Wheelchairs

Electric Wheelchair EquipmentAny form of disability should not be a hindrance to your movement with the range of wheelchairs currently available. Making the right choice among the options can nevertheless be a daunting task. An electric wheelchair is, however, your best bet for the comfort of the user and minimizing fatigue.

Various electric wheelchair options depend on the location of their power drive system. This location affects the functioning of your wheelchair differently. Here are the power drive systems you can pick for your chair.

Front-Wheel Drive

With this wheelchair, the drive wheels are located in the chair’s front with the caster wheels in the rear. A front-wheel-drive chair can go over 2-inch-high curbs and bumps and manoeuvre tight corners very well.

Since the chair can balance its front wheel’s loads, it is very stable on slopes. A front wheel drive wheelchair, however, can fishtail if turned at high speed.

Centre Drive

In this chair, the drive system is located in the mid-wheel under the seat. It has the highest level of turning radius and is ideal for limited spaces.

A mid-wheel drive wheelchair is however hard to manoeuvre on rough terrain and can lose traction on the very soft ground. The chair is also not easy to transport and is only available for weights of up to 600lb.

Rear-Wheel Drive

This system is positioned toward the rear end. It is effortless to manoeuvre even at high speeds but does not have a large turn radius. It, therefore, needs more space to turn. A rear wheel drive is however easy to manoeuvre over rough terrain and has exceptional directional stability.

Your terrain and indoor space will primarily influence your choice from these wheelchair options. Wheelchairs, like most machines, are also vulnerable to periodic breakdowns. It is hence prudent to get yours from a supplier who can also repair it to be assured of a high-quality job.