Parents Rejoice, There Are Advantages to Watching TV

Advantages of Watching TV in Little RockParents, you can start putting those alphabet books and flash cards back in the attic. A recent study revealed that a device in your home could actually help improve visual and language skills. It might sound impossible, but this device is often referred to as the idiot box. Sounds contradicting, right?

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Correcting the Misconceptions

Media and experts alike always called the television the root of every cultural evil and society’s whipping boy. However, researchers from the University of Chicago begged to disagree. Their recently published study stated that television could actually improve test scores, particularly in detriment homes. They relate it to an electronic teacher that educates kids about learning and facts.

Although, they are aware that the television cannot substitute a three-dimensional teacher. They do suggest parents be aware of what the kids are watching, how long they have been watching and which of the devices they are using.

Proper TV Usage

For your kids to be able to get the real benefit of television, teach them not to be passive watchers. Don’t allow them to mindlessly flick through channels trying to find something exciting. Instead, try to stay on a channel that you think might be interesting and give it some time. You can even search for fascinating shows for yourself at Metacritic and for your kids at Common Sense Media.

When choosing, do not risk watching new shows the same day it first airs. Wait for the next day to get reviews and to avoid wasting your time watching a series that you won’t probably like. Also, do not allow TV inside your kids’ bedrooms. Even though you trust the judgment of your child, there will come a time when they will get curious and might choose to watch the most dreadful shows. Do this to take temptation off their shoulders.

Televisions do not only benefit your kids, but it also benefits your mind as an adult. Follow the above precautions to use the non-idiot box to your advantage.