On Buying Internet Traffic Using Bitcoin

Golden BitcoinsEconomists and finance officials in countries across the world have grown accepting of digital currency. They recognise Bitcoin, a virtual currency and the largest of its kind with regards to total market value, as legitimate financial services. As the first known cryptocurrency, there are already more than 100,000 merchants that accept bitcoin as payment for their products and services. Instead of the usual 2 to 3% surcharge from credit card processors, merchants accepting bitcoin typically pay service fees ranging from 0 to less than 2%.

Bitcoin is a Resource

Whether you mined for your bitcoin or bought it, you now have an investment—a resource you can use. There are a number of companies, from the largest of businesses to the smallest ones, which you can buy from with your bitcoin. From WordPress to Amazon, CVS to Subway, Victoria’s Secret to Target—the choices are nearly innumerable. Not only can you actually purchase physical goods, but you can also buy from online e-commerce sites and receive digital services.

Among these digital services, you can opt to pay for and buy website traffic in the UK or from any other country to target specific locations. Countries like Brazil, the Isle of Man, Jersey and the United States consider Bitcoin for its ability to lessen fraud, if not dismantle it. When utilised by the proper hands, it can simplify transactions while offering transparency.

The Perfect Trade-off

Bitcoins serve as the transaction fees paid to miners for keeping the block chain consistent, complete and unalterable. Paying for a digital service, such as targeted website traffic, is not unusual, and to pay for it through Bitcoin is even apt. Every dedicated online business makes use of internet traffic to better locate their market or niche consumer.

The efficiency of effective targeted website traffic directly correlates to increased numbers in sales, clicks, hits and conversions. And in conclusion, what makes paying for a digital marketing service with Bitcoin apt is how we witness the progressive growth in the age of the Internet—digital currency for a digital service.