No Brainer: Be More Creative as an Entrepreneur with These 3 Ways

Man workingThe fact that you’ve become an entrepreneur is a testament that there’s creativity in you. But sometimes, there are just those moments — crucial moments — when you would need to tap into that creativity, but no idea or no new insight seems to come out. It’s frustrating, especially when you’re trying to solve a problem or exploring a business opportunity.

The secret to becoming more creative as an entrepreneur is to think outside the box — not just when it’s needed at a staff meeting or a brainstorming session, but every day. Consider developing these habits to nurture your creativity:

Create a web of random ideas

Get a whiteboard, write a simple idea in the middle, and scribble the first words that pop into your head. Then from those first words, write other words you can associate with them. It doesn’t matter if it sounds so random. The goal is to exercise your mind and allow you to think freely.

That habit of thinking freely is important. Often, the brain gets clogged with lots of routinary ideas, that all it needs is a little flexing. Your word web may serve as that flexing exercise. With some luck, you may actually come up with the next million-dollar business idea.

Use nostalgia

Memories provide a good, fertile ground for creativity. See how big brands drew inspiration from the past. Volkswagen repackaged its iconic Microbus. Instagram brought filters with Polaroid effects. Good memories are a reservoir of creative options, so nostalgia works.

This especially works in the food industry. Entrepreneurs capitalize on taste, the number one trigger for reminiscing about the past. It’s no wonder a cookies franchise is so popular and profitable even today. Tasting freshly baked goodies bring back fond memories of mom getting busy in the kitchen on a weekend and childhood friends coming over for the snack. So, take it from established businesses and brands: Snuggle up to good memories for some healthy dose of creativity.

Pick up a new hobby

Interests outside work or business let you explore other perspectives. When you try to venture into fiction reading, it broadens imagination. When you learn a musical instrument, you get to learn the dynamics of sounds. These are all important in enriching your creative mind.

There’s no single, definitive way to nurture creativity, but one thing’s for sure: imaginative, experimental habits are good for the business.