Lower Costs, Higher Quality: Outsourcing Customer Service to the Philippines

agentThere will come a time when you have to make the decision to outsource one of your major business functions. For many companies, especially the bigger corporations, the customer service team is usually the first thing that’s outsourced.

We can’t deny that the motive behind this is to reduce costs; simply put, it costs lower to outsource them than hire a local team. But, there’s an underrated benefit to outsourcing your customer team – you’ll be paying less operational costs and in return, you’ll get higher quality calls.

Service in the Southeast

The Philippines is one of the prime destinations for companies looking to outsource their customer service, only lagging behind India both in the southeast and worldwide. Its popularity as an outsourcing destination can be attributed to several factors.

Many companies who outsource their call centers in the Philippines note that the biggest draw to outsourcing in the country is how natural the Filipinos are in terms of speaking American English. Most schools and businesses use it as the primary language, and locals prefer western media over local programs. Even locals who aren’t exactly masters of the English language have an uncanny ability to learn it quickly due to constant exposure in their everyday lives.

The result of these combined factors means that customer service calls are of a higher quality when you compare them to call centers in other Asian countries. The usual applicants to call centers often have college degrees from reputable schools, and can be hired at around $300 a month.

Doing Business

Another advantage the Philippines has over other outsourcing destinations is their government, which is highly modeled after the US’ own. Despite political instability, the government has always been accommodating to western companies looking to do business in the country. The fact that their government is partly a localized version of the US government means the process of setting up offshore businesses is relatively simpler and easier.

These are just some of the benefits of outsourcing your customer service team to the Philippines. If you’re looking to lower costs but maintain high quality of calls, then outsourcing to this country is the smarter decision.