Latest Trends in Hostel Accommodation

A hostel room designMost students and travellers are familiar with hostel accommodation. They are an affordable option that offers the opportunity to meet and make new friends. With the increased need for shelter, hostels have undergone tremendous changes.

They are currently the best option for those looking for accommodation in London. Backpackers, students, tour groups and working professionals are increasingly opting for hostels. This is because they now provide much more than a bed and breakfast to their guests. Here are some of the current trends in hostel accommodation.

Expanded Common Areas

Gone are the days when common areas only consisted of a couch around a TV. Hostel common areas now feature yoga areas, gyms, Wi-Fi, fully equipped bars, swimming pools, cafes, and other trendy amenities. The cafes and bars stock an array of local cuisine and drinks at lower prices compared with hotels.

Varied Rooms

Most people associate hostels with large open spaces filled with bunk beds. The current trend, however, features different room varieties, ranging from the typical dorm room to private rooms and penthouse suites. The rooms can rival standard hotel rooms with en-suite bathrooms and toiletries. With all the amenities they offer, nonetheless, these rooms still cost less than your average hotel room.

Improved Services

Traditional hostel facilities typically offered a standard plate of breakfast. Modern hostel facilities now provide full meals and sometimes a taste of the local cuisine. If you are looking for a place where you can sample local cuisine at affordable prices, hostels are the place for you.

Getting a good hostel is not easy. Ensure you carry out a thorough research before booking your accommodation. Consider its location and your daily activities. The checkout time is equally important. Opt for hostels with reasonable check-out times because sleep is valuable before hitting the road.