Keep Your House Move Smooth and Painless: Read This!

Professional packersIt may come as a surprise, but many people consider moving houses more stressful than getting a divorce. While the stress that comes with a house move is understated in the US, some countries tend to take it seriously. The French government even requires that companies give their employees a few days off after a move.

In the US, the idea of packing up and heading to a completely new location can wreak havoc in your life, explains Colonial Van Lines, a long distance relocation services expert. If you have no days off work after moving just like in France, then you want to make it as smooth and painless as possible.

Time your move perfectly

It is easy to whittle down the idea of moving as simply packing up your stuff in carton then getting a mover to transport the stuff to the new place. Well, in theory, this is somewhat accurate except it doesn’t paint the true picture. There are other nuanced but important factors to consider.

For instance, the date of the move counts a great deal. Most people choose to move at the end or beginning of the month. This rush spikes the demand for movers, which results in hiked prices.

Elect to move somewhere in the middle of the month when the demand is not as high, and movers are amenable to bargain prices.

Get a professional mover

If your budget allows it, don’t take the do-it-yourself route, especially if you have a large household. If you have no prior moving experience, such move might prove brutal. Insufficient packing skills might lead you to suffer a lot of breakages along the way.

Then there’s the physical fatigue that comes with moving furniture. One wrong move and you could tear a muscle or pull your back, which could mean weeks on doctor mandated bed rest. A professional mover will handle every aspect of the move.

In fact, it can seem like you woke up in one house and came home to another.

Moving houses can be a stressful affair that can leave you worn out and frustrated. Thankfully, you can take proactive measures to ease the pain and ensure a smooth process.