Jewellery Buying Blunders to Avoid

shiny diamondsBuying jewellery is tricky. It involves many considerations, whether the piece is for you or someone special. Fine jewellery is symbolic of a person’s value in your life, so when buying diamonds, give it plenty of careful thought.

Here are common jewellery buying mistakes you need to avoid:

1. Not knowing exactly what you want

Before you approach a jeweller, know the kind of jewellery that you want. Are you looking for a specific gemstone? Would you like higher-carat gold or lower-carat? What setting do you prefer? Research these details so you’ll have an easier time at the jewellery shop. You can then approach a jeweller and ask for help in finding the right piece based on a few features you’ve already decided on.

2. Not having a budget

If you’re giving a piece of jewellery as a gift, avoid choosing the most expensive one just to impress your beloved. It’s better to buy something you can afford so you won’t regret giving later on. Don’t overspend; set a budget and stick to it.

3. Failure to consider the occasion

When buying jewellery for someone, consider the occasion. Is it for Christmas, Valentine’s Day or his or her birthday? Purchasing the wrong gift could put you into trouble. For example, a ring on Valentine’s Day could easily be mistaken for a marriage proposal. To avoid sending the wrong message, a pair of earrings or a necklace would be a better gift.

4. Failure to consider your loved one’s taste

Know your loved one’s preference. Would she like a diamond? Does she like gold or silver setting better? Give what she likes best. She’ll appreciate the gesture alone, of course, but the glow on her face would be different if she genuinely loves what you give her.

5. Failure to search for a reputable jeweller.

Choosing a jeweller is just as tricky as the actual jewellery purchase. If you want to get beautifully-crafted pieces for a reasonable price, go to Hatton Garden’s best jewellers and see what they have to offer. Choose the ones with a good reputation.

Jewellery is a precious gift you can give your loved one. Avoid the mistakes mentioned above to enjoy a pleasant buying experience.