Improving Your Art Website: Reach the Right Customers

Web Design in Fyshwick CanberraIt’s easy enough to create a social media page to spread awareness about your artistic pursuits. An account or website makes it easier for people to navigate your galleries and works. Making your websites and accounts more visible, however, requires a bit of tweaking for building a strong connection with the clientele you’re aiming to reach.

Here are a few steps on how to get started:

Create a Personality – An artist’s personality doesn’t even have to be completely different from who you are. Choose a symbol and a name of your artistic side that potential clients would remember and connect to you and your works. According to Voodoo Creative, it’s important to create a logo and select colours that galleries, companies or other artists can easily identify you with. You can consult with a branding agency in Melbourne for those promotional aspects you can work on.

Fix Your Albums – Arrange your artworks by theme. Categorising or classifying your offerings makes it easier for your potential buyers to sift through your art and find what they need. Create multiple albums showing off your creations at different periods of your life, based on media used, and even subjects. Arrange it in any way your viewers can find what they’re looking for based on simplified search inquiries.

Improve Your Photo and Video QualitySelling online can be difficult because your pictures and videos are substandard and would discourage people from buying. Buyers want to be visually pleased with your wares since what you are offering is art. If you can’t afford to buy a high-end camera, rent a good one and shoot those images one more time. As for videos, there are free online programs to remove noise and bring better colour and quality.

Just because you have a lot of “views”, “likes” and “comments” doesn’t mean you are selling well. Rule of thumb: quality work, innovative design, customer relations and proper branding is needed if you want people to buy your work. Make your works more memorable with the right kind of promotions and presentation.