Here’s Why You Should Switch All Your Home Lights to LED

LED lampsAre you looking for ways to lower your electric bill? Or are you wondering how your household can contribute to conserving energy? Society today has gone past the stage of saving the environment as a fad and onto making it a need and a passion. Businesses today are finding ways to contribute to this effort by simply switching to LED lighting. The master electricians at have noticed an increased demand in the use of LED lights for home lighting needs. This is one concrete way for you to lower your costs of electricity and to help save energy as well.

Here’s why you should make that switch in your home as well.

1. It will lower your electric bill.

An incandescent bulb may cost $1 but will only last an average of 1200 hours. LED light bulbs may cost up to $4 but can last 25,000 hours. If all the lights in and around your home are changed to LED, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars a year on your electric bill alone.

2. It’s eco-friendly.

LED light bulbs are 100% recyclable and don’t contain any toxic of harmful chemicals that are found in your regular light bulbs like mercury. And because it has a long lifespan, it reduces the amount of packaging and manufacturing that has to be done as well as its carbon footprint on the planet.

3. It’s safer to use.

This type of light bulb produces a minimal amount of heat which keeps it constantly cool to touch. Neither does it emit any type of infrared radiation like those that can be found in your regular light bulbs.

4. It’s durable.

Because LED light bulbs aren’t made with glass or filaments, they are stronger and won’t break easily even when dropped.

These four reasons are a good index for you to make the switch. Not only will you be saving more money that you can spend with your family, but you’re also helping the planet stay safer for generations to come.