For Foreign-Loving Foodies: 5 Geelong Restaurants That Might Make You Stay For Good

A spread of different dishesMelbourne isn’t the only city worth visiting in Victoria. It also has Geelong, a city with landscapes and coastlines that match the ones in Australian tourist ads. While these natural sights alone are worth giving Geelong a visit, international cuisine is also one of the city’s sought-after attractions. The restaurants boast a diverse array of international dishes including Indian, French, Sri Lankan, Turkish, and Italian.

If you’re a foodie, you might as well get a land for sale in Armstrong Creek or any suburb in the city, because Geelong’s diners will reel you in.

Khan Curry Hut Indian Restaurant

The Indian dishes offered by this restaurant includes tandoori and classic curry. They also offer banquet options for customers in large groups.

Original Wood Oven Pizza Geelong

While its name advertises oven pizza, this restaurant also serves Turkish kebabs. It’s also one of the longest-running dining places in Geelong, which is a testament to how people like it to this day.

Bistrot St. Jean

This French restaurant has its wine selection on top of the French dishes it serves. It usually opens at noon till night, which is suitable for adult groups and dates.

Rook: Sri Lankan Fusion

Rook offers Sri Lankan dishes such as milk rice, string hoppers, or Sri Lankan omelette. What’s better is that this restaurant offers vegan meals and vegan variations of their standard dishes.

Two Sugars Cafe/Pizza Bar/Restaurant

Italian cuisine is the speciality of this establishment. As its name suggests, there are three separate areas for a café, pizza bar, and the restaurant itself.

Foreign-Loving Foodies

In a nutshell, Geelong is one of Victoria’s cities worth exploring besides Melbourne. Not only does it have scenic beaches and greeneries, but it also has international cuisines. If you’re a foodie who fancies the foreign, you might just want to stay for good in Geelong.