Finding a Missing Person with the Right People

private investigator taking photosMany people in New Zealand go missing every day. Many are never seen again, causing unresolved pain to those they leave behind. Private detectives and the authorities help find missing people, giving relatives the closure they deserve.

In the last two decades, 4,432,880 people have mysteriously vanished – a vast population that could be the population of a country. A missing person creates more distress for many families, even more than death. Grief is hard, but it brings with it peace and closure. When a person is missing, family members do not know what has become of their relative. Worse still, if an adult goes missing and they aren’t considered vulnerable, the police will not conduct a missing person’s report until after some time.

Make a Report

Even if the police think it’s not a serious case, a missing person’s report should still be filed. A photograph should be given to law enforcement officials, including a description of the person’s physical characteristics, clothing, possessions and vehicle. The circumstances of the disappearance should be described, and a list of close contacts given so that they can check everyone. If the person has a disability, mental illness or is taking medication, don’t forget to mention it. They can be considered as a vulnerable person.

Check Social Media

Check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media outlets as well as local hospitals and prisons. If you can, find a way to open the missing person’s social media accounts to re-create the last days of the individual before they went missing.

Contact a Missing Person’s Organisation

Contact a missing person’s organisation in New Zealand, such as Missing People NZ or Australian Missing Person’s Register. These organisations can help you through the process and contact the right people who could help.

Hire a Private Detective

If all of these measures still do not help, contact a private investigation agency to help you check public and business records and voting registries. They can also trace bank cards, marriage records and other documentation.

Missing person investigators are experts in their field and will coordinate with law enforcement as an addition to their services. Private detectives won’t leave clients to search alone and can bring them the closure they need.