Faking It Won’t Make It: Signs of Fake MBA Degrees

Scam Online Degrees in ProvoHow’d you like to get an MBA degree in a matter of months, with a credit card as the only requirement? You can with a diploma mill –a prevalent scam in the United States, where bogus schools provide pieces of paper (“diplomas”), more than quality education. Sometimes, they don’t educate students at all. It’s a form of scam, and many are falling for it.

According to Tinsley Investigative Services, Inc., 25% of MBA degrees the National Credit Verification Service verifies are false. In the field of education, faking it won’t let you make it. Here are three signs of a false MBA degree.

The University Has No Accreditation

What can you expect from a fake college? A fake degree, of course. If your prospective school doesn’t have any form of accreditation, or maybe it does, but not from an agency, it’s a red flag. Diploma mills may sound legitimate, as they use terms such as “verified,” “internationally recognized,” and “notarized,” among others. But, when you request for documents, they may not have any.

If they do, they’re mostly fake. Before committing to any university, check the U.S.Department of Education’s list of accredited schools. By doing this, you can easily see through any form of document falsification.

The School Offers You a Degree Based on Your Past Work Experience

An MBA title holds a lot of water. Bogus universities may fashion a fake degree for you, based on the resume you faxed to them. They put an emphasis on learning outside of formal lectures, claiming actual job experiences are more important in the “real world”. While this may be true, this also means you’re paying them for nothing more than a piece of paper, or a couple of files they pass off as modules.

If work experience and a written resume are all it takes to get an MBA degree, why pay a bogus school hundreds and thousands of dollars for it? Most telemarketers promise valid credit card owners that they won’t be turned down for a degree. They can also get it in a matter of days. Too good to be true? You bet.

Their Online Courses Are Exclusive to U.S. Citizens, But the School is in Another Country

And, it’s almost certainly one that doesn’t have any accreditation agencies. There are legitimate online courses, but the ones that a fake university offers are surely bogus. Scam online degrees come hand-in-hand with fake schools, and they are similarly prestigious-sounding, without anything to back it up.

Be wary of these red flags when choosing a university or doing a background check on anyone who claims to have an MBA. They sound prestigious, but you’re paying for nothing more than a piece of paper with a fake title on it.