Experiencing a New Country: Tips from Travellers

A couple visiting a new countryWhen you’re travelling to a new country, there are several things to consider. There are things beyond exchanging currencies that you should pay close attention to. You also need to think about the cultural differences, and how specific actions are viewed differently in a particular location.

Here are some ways to experience a new country and make the most of your trip:

Go on a Walking Tour

In countries like Switzerland, Alpenwild walking tours are one of the best ways to get to know the place. You will cover places that other kinds of tours may just go past. You’ll also get to experience the streets as locals do, and you can stop at random alleys for Instagram-worthy posts that are not just a carbon copy of what other tourists have already posted.

Take the Public Transport

Locals do not take hired vans or rented cars daily to get to their destination. They rely on the public transport system, so your trip should include this at least once. Here, you’ll see how people spend their time while waiting to get to their destination. You’ll also know which routes to take, in case you plan on coming back or moving to the country for good. Taking the public transport also saves you a great deal on your holiday expenses.

Talk to the Locals

Don’t be scared of the fact that you don’t know everything about the country. You’re a tourist; embrace this and learn. Ask for directions and recommendations on where to eat and what to do. Go beyond the popular landmarks and befriend street vendors or performers. They’ll give you some insight into the country–nuggets of information that you won’t get from your travel guide.

Your trip doesn’t have to follow some blogger’s travel itinerary down to the last detail. Go ahead and explore on your own and discover things you can share with others.