Effective Hacks to Use PR Campaigns for Your Small Business

Public Relation CampaignOne thing small business owners often misunderstand is the need for public relations. Even if you only own a small business with one or two branches, you still need public relations to make your business stand out and attract the right customers.

Here are some hacks for you to start you’re a PR campaign for your small business to gain more exposure without breaking the bank: 

Give Away a Press Kit

A press kit is usually found during events to give the members of the media or press information about the event and the business(es) and involved in organizing it. You can also create one for your small business in the form of a digital compilation. Include bios and headshots of the owner and business executives, high-resolution logo, and product descriptions and pictures. Offer your press kit in a sharable form, preferable in DropBox or Google Drive.

Actively Look for Opportunities

Public relations means being constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to promote your product, collaborate with other businesses, sponsor certain events, contribute to the industry you’re in, and put your business out there. It’s better to hire a trustworthy PR company to help you achieve all these and more, says Sphere.

Use Google Alerts

Google Alerts allow you to monitor what is happening with a certain business once you subscribe to it via email. To help you now where you currently are compared to your competitors, you should set up alerts not just for your business, but also your competitors and some industry keywords. This way, you can know about “breaking” industry news or important announcements which you can write about. You can also see if you or your competitors have been featured in a list or another website.

Follow these practical strategies to finally kickstart your PR campaign for your small business. By presenting your brand well and being proactive in promoting your business, you will definitely grow your audience and turn them into customers.