Drive More Customers to Your Store Using Online Marketing Methods

Online marketingSocial media and online marketing can prove beneficial once your name gets around the online circles. When this happens, people can learn more about you and what you have to offer through your website and social media accounts. The real challenge is how you can turn your online clientele into physical store-visiting customers.

Here are a few ways to encourage them to see your physical stores as well.

Offer Store-Only Coupons

For a blunt and straightforward approach, this is the one for you. Post an image and tell your audience that they can screencap it to get a discount on your physical store. You can also tweet something and say that they can get a certain product for half the price if they retweet it and present it to your store. This is a very direct way to do this, so make sure you have enough stocks ready.

Show Off Your Stores

Digital marketing, says, in Minneapolis is all about building a brand and an image. This includes marketing your physical stores effectively. Hire a photographer to capture photos of your stores in the best way possible. You can dub it as “the place to be this summer” or “our most beautiful store” to get their attention and encourage them to visit in person. Post these regularly and have various approaches.

Host a Noteworthy Event

Study what your core demographics are most interested in and use this to make an event specifically for them. This will make them feel special and will also promote your physical stores. Prepare teasers and a big social media announcement for the event. Use sites such as Eventbrite or Facebook events to build it up. Reveal your special offers and guests one at a time to make them anticipate even more.

These tips will surely make your customers want to check out your physical stores more often than they already do. Remember them and incorporate these methods to your online marketing strategies.