Different Forms of Online Marketing for Your Business

Online AdvertisinIn this day and age, no matter the size of your business, no matter where your office is — in New York, Chicago, or Denver, you have to maintain a healthy online presence.


Because the best way to market your business in today’s world is through the Internet. You may be just starting off in your business, or you may still be struggling to develop a sound online marketing scheme. To help, here are what the different types of online marketing are about:

Search Engine Marketing

Users use Google a hundred million times each day. You can capitalize on this by applying Search Engine Marketing. SEM’s purpose is to increase the visibility of your website in search engine results.

This type of online advertising is affordable since SEM is pay-per-click or PPC, or keyword-based. You pay for your ad only when web surfers click on your ad and sent to your website. Formulate an effective PPC management strategy to maximize your reach and returns.

Social Network Advertising

Besides search engines like Google, another far-reaching platform is social media. Through ads placed on social media sites like Facebook, you may reach a different and arguably wider audience. Implementation is easy, and you will reach only the demographic you choose to reach. Social media’s importance in marketing is rising.

Affiliate Marketing

This type is still another strong online marketing strategy where you pay affiliates to create articles about your products to promote the said products. Think YouTube product reviewers and bloggers.

An advantage of this type is its cost-effectiveness since you reward your affiliates with their commission only when your website receives traffic.

Display Advertising

This type is all about placing your ad, in the form of a web banner, on relevant websites. Payment here is not as cost-effective since you pay for the number of times your ad becomes visible, despite if people click on it or not.

A thorough knowledge of the different types of online advertising help a lot in determining which strategy is best for your business.