Conveyors: Still a Critical Part of the Automation System

ConveyorsWay before newly-developed and advanced material handling technologies emerged, the majority of industrial businesses use conveyors. Even with the modern machines gradually taking over, reports say that conveyors stand still, remaining as an important factor of almost every mechanisation system.

As many manufacturing companies have been using the technology since the early 20th century, they consider conveyors as the backbone of material handling. Even today, conveyors are still well functional in moving materials from one area to another. They prove to be more useful in moving heavy or bulky objects. Moreover, this material handling technology can move high quantity of items in a shorter time.

Conveyors are definitely functional, but you need to have the right type of machine to fully benefit from its advantages. It helps that you have the essential knowledge about the style of conveyor necessary for your specific needs. In addition, you have to consider the product’s dimensions, weight, throughput and variability, as well as the surrounding environment or the workplace and the power requirements.

To help you select the right material handling technology, here are the different types of conveyor:

Gravity Conveyor

This non-powered conveyor suits in offloading trucks and sorting packages. It also fits in kitting or assembly areas. Gravity conveyors are low-cost, but lack product control.

Belt Conveyor

Choose this modular conveyor system if you require handling packages, raw materials or small parts. It is also effective in operations that need elevation, either incline or decline.

Powered Roller Conveyor

If you need material handling and general transport of light to medium-product loads, then this machine suits you. It has three sub-types: Live Roller, Minimum Pressure and Zero Pressure Conveyors.

Pallet Conveyor

This has two sub-types: Drag Chain and Roller. Drag chain handles extremely heavy loads or particularly low to high-temperature areas. Roller, meanwhile, is practical for accrual sectors in pack-out areas.

With this extensive selection of conveyors, there will definitely one type that fits your requirements. To make sure you have the right one, do your due diligence in asking help from the professionals.