Choosing a Heating System: 3 Reasons to Invest in a Barrel Heater

barrel heatersStoring items in drums and barrels can be challenging especially for products that don’t have a stable temperature. Some of these products can be food, chemicals, spray foams, and other industrial products that need to be stored under specific temperatures for optimal performance. Some materials are highly viscous, hence run the risk of freezing if not protected from fluctuating temperatures.

Barrel heaters, which are also referred to as drum heaters, come in handy in maintaining these materials in the required state. In case you’re not convinced, here are three reasons to purchase one from suppliers like

Loss Prevention

Products like resins and epoxies, if not stored in specified temperatures, get contaminated and will not work properly. Improper storage will also lead to the reduced durability of the product. When this happens, the products can’t be used, causing wastefulness. The financial loss resulting from the waste of products and inefficient processes strain the operation budget. Maintaining the recommended temperature levels using barrel heaters helps to avoid these inefficiencies, thus prevent possible wastage.

Regulation of the Viscosity of Products

The more viscous a product gets, the harder it becomes for it to flow. Products with a high viscosity need to be stored under regulated temperatures to prevent them from freezing. Barrel heaters prevent this by distributing the heat evenly to temperature sensitive materials, preserving and keeping them useful. Even distribution of heat also helps prevent charring of products, which occurs when there’s a concentration of heat in one area.

Ease of Use

Barrel heaters are easy to install and remove as may be needed. Also, they are suitable for installation on any type of drums including poly and steel ones. Compared to other conventional heaters, they are cheaper.

Barrel heaters are the way to go if you want to preserve your products, solve viscosity issues, and save on heating cost. They are also are appropriate for you if you’re looking for a method that’s easy to install and cost-effective in its use.