Choosing a Exterior Weatherboard System for Your Home Garage Cladding Project

Home Garage Performance considerations should be foremost in your mind when choosing weatherboarding products. Weatherboard or cladding are made from vinyl, timber, metal, and composite materials. Aside from its practical value, an effective cladding system also adds to the aesthetics of your home.

A durable and perfectly fitted weatherboard system is not hard to get by. That is, if you know what qualities to look for.

The Purpose of External Cladding

The main function of the outer shell of your home is protection from the elements, particularly rain and strong winds. The shell is usually a non-load bearing component of the building. This is because it does not carry any weight, unlike the walls, flooring, and foundation of a house. As such, they are typically lightweight, although some materials are easier to handle and install than others. Other functions of weatherboards are for insulation, drainage, and ventilation. While some products are designed to provide insulation, typical weatherboard does not. That is, except for weatherboard materials, which are resistant to heat flow.

A Balance Between Function and Aesthetics

Exterior cladding defines your home from the outside, and so it the design and style components should never be forgotten when making the choice. Therefore, when deciding on garage cladding products, Nu-Wall Aluminium Cladding advises that you have to consider both function and aesthetic elements. The weatherboard system must protect the building from harsh weather. At the same time, it should not clash with the existing design and architecture.

Steel: A Modern Alternative

Timber is a popular cladding material in Australia. Who can resist the natural charm of wood? However, many homeowners are turning their attention to a contemporary solution: steel. For one, the material requires little to no maintenance. On the contrary, timber weatherboards require periodic attention to maintain optimal condition. Steel is easy to install, and the colour options are limitless. Steel is also easy to fabricate for customised applications.

It is good to sit down and think about your options. Before making the final pick, consider all the available external weatherboard systems.