Benefits of LED Lighting

Different kinds of LED lightsBeacons are powerful light sources usually used during emergency situations. They need to be seen from far-off distances and stay lit for extended periods of time. Here are some reasons why more and more industries are switching to LED beacon lights:


These lights are made up of the best components that can withstand extreme weather conditions. They’re resistant to rain, wind or heavy winds. This is due to their ability to withstand strong vibrations and shock waves.

Can withstand extreme temperatures

These lights are the best choice when it comes to outdoor lighting because of how well they can withstand temperature fluctuations. This is because they have no glass components that could react with the temperature changes.

LED’s are also perfect for lighting up cold areas like freezers and basements. This is because they retain 85% of their effectivity in cold places compared to fluorescent and luminous lamps which are only 25% effective.

Extended service life

LED lights are well known for their outstanding operational time that can go up to 100,000 hours. They operate for 11-22 years of non-continuous operation without the need for a replacement. This is due to their lighting diodes that can produce low levels of output for many years.


Compared to other lighting options, LEDs are estimated to have 80-90% energy efficiency. This means that the more you use LED’s for your lighting, the more you’ll be able to save in future energy costs.

Environmentally friendly

LED bulbs are more environmentally-friendly that other light bulbs. They have no toxic chemicals, unlike most conventional lighting bulbs that contain toxic chemicals such as mercury. They also help in reducing the excess carbon emitted due to consumption of fossil fuels by individuals and they are 100% recyclable

LED bulbs are a cost-effective lighting option that outperforms all the other bulbs on the market. With how important beacons are especially in emergency situations, make sure you get the best quality that you can buy.