Be Remembered: 3 Giveaway Ideas for Your Company

Corporate GiveawaysMarketing has changed so much over the last few decades. While it is enough before to produce engaging, funny, and entertaining content, the game now is to engage the potential clients with something that’s beneficial for them.

Even big companies like Coke recognizes this. Recently, they launched a campaign that gives customers free beverages right after a successful marketing campaign of giving people tickets to free concerts. People are more inclined to look at something when there is something to gain from it. Leaflets and brochures do not cut it anymore unless they are coupled with discount or freebie coupons. This basically explains the increase in spending for promotional items.

Corporate Giveaways Your Business Must Try

Corporate giveaways, while obviously given as marketing materials, give a direct benefit to the recipients. Here are some of the

  1. T-shirts, caps, and other wearable items – Embroidered or printed caps and other pieces of apparel are most preferred by customers because of their usability. The retention rate for these products is high, as they are used frequently and many people can see the product placement on the said materials.
  2. Custom golf balls and golf ball accessories – These are unique giveaways to high-value or premium clients. While more expensive than most, giving these items sets the company apart. The value for the money you spent for producing this is then maximized.
  3. Water bottles and travel mugs – These are ideal for indoors and on the go. The frequency with which these are used by the recipients likewise add to the retention value of the logos inscribed or printed on the items.

Knowing what to produce is only half the battle, however. Remember to find the ideal supplier in your area to make sure your marketing materials are of the best quality. Remember that these products reflect you as a company and you should demand nothing short of the best to be seen as the best.