Are Police Checks a Worthy Investment for Employers?

Criminal Background CheckBusinesses who understand the importance of integrating police checks in their process are slowly growing. A year before, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission processed nearly 4.3 million police check employment. This means that they handled an average of 17,400 police checks each working day.

This is a massive difference in comparison to the numbers in 2004 where the ACIC only managed around one million checks. This was the time when only the high-profile institutions and companies, besides divisions required by law like health care and child care, conducted the process. These days, even manufacturing and fast food industries, as well as small businesses, dig through an applicant’s history.

Here are ways wherein it can help employers maintain their reputation, lower the potential risk of their business and help employees maintain a good record.

Encourage Good Employee Conduct

Businesses must mandate yearly police checks in their rules. This will guarantee that none of their staff has any violations that might have an impact on the safety of the business’ reputation, customers and employees. This process will be able to guide employees themselves to be more cautious of their decisions and avoid doing anything that might cost them their job.

Protects Your Business

Probably the most evident reason for getting employment police checks is to protect your business. This process will allow you to identify whether a candidate has a criminal background that is directly associated with the position they are applying for.

Put the Client’s Minds at Ease

Due to recent tough times, consumers and clients now look for services of companies that guarantee the reliability of their staff. Besides healthcare, education and justice sectors, this is particularly precise for at-home services like repairs or installations. Clients want to make sure that the employees they invite inside their homes are trustworthy and will work professionally.

Employers have a responsibility to their employees and clients, and they will be accountable for their new hires’ misbehaviour towards them. Ensure that you avoid this scenario by simply conducting police checks.