A Closer Look at Australia’s Recycling Opportunity

Recycle NotepadThe recovery of metals from existing resources or waste materials forms a key part of today’s economic development. From being scrap metals, these materials have now become extremely valuable, as it helps stimulate global capacity and innovation in recycling and closed-loop supply chains.

Australia has about seven million tonnes of metals that leave the economy through waste streams every year. This has paved the way to creating an enormous potential for the community to turn these waste materials into a cost-effective opportunity.

Wealth from Waste

Australia in particular, has established expertise in extraction, recovery and processing of scrap metals that they have become well positioned to influence globally and take advantage of it economically. As such, McCamish Metals and other scrap recycling focused companies are on the rise.

The reuse, recycling and recovery of metals from end-of-life products or industrial waste has become an area that the Aussie urban community is excelling at. In fact, they are tapping into new openings in the market, both in the areas of mining sustainability and in deriving wealth from waste.

Challenges and Complexities

Developed economies like that of Australia have a higher level of urban metal stocks, which means greater waste generation and therefore potential to establish more valuable material loops. The benefits these offer include reduced energy requirements and emissions.

It all sounds fantastic in Australia, with all their scrap metal recyclers and frameworks, but on a global basis, recycling is faced with more challenges. The amount of recovered metals ultimately depends on the complexity of waste stream mineralogy and the ability of the technology to handle the complexity.

This calls for good governance, which calls for properly addressing the lack of domestic recycling facilities globally and developing state-of-the-art technology that can treat a wider range of raw materials allowing for multi-metal recycling.

If humans can’t stop making waste, maybe humans can instead make something out of all the waste.