5 Outdoor Wedding Tips That Don’t Fail

Outdoor wedding setupPreparing for an outdoor wedding can be twice as much work as preparing for an indoor gathering. Choosing an outdoor venue means you have to start everything from scratch. You should also have a backup plan ready in case it rains or gets too windy.

To save time preparing for an outdoor wedding, here are some tips that won’t fail you on the big day:

1. Get a tent

You can never be sure when it is going to rain, so expert wedding coordinators suggest getting a tent. There’s no way using a tent will ruin the wedding theme because tents come in different styles and sizes. You can use frame tents for easy setup or pole tents if you need the venue to have a high roofline. On the other hand, Après Event Décor & Tent Rental noted that if you want access to the sceneries in St. Paul or anywhere in MN, you could make the most of clear span tent rental.

2. Consider installing tent sidewalls

The rain or the sun should not bother your guests. Sidewalls will serve as protection against these. Again, the sidewalls can be made stylish like your tents so they won’t ruin the scene.

3. You should have Plan B ready

The least you’d want is a stormy wedding day, but you cannot do anything about it when it happens. Be ready with a backup plan. Perhaps you could have an indoor venue waiting nearby. Alternatively, you can waterproof your tent by using enough sidewalls.

4. Don’t forget about lighting

Simply because it’s an outdoor wedding doesn’t mean you won’t need lights, especially when it’s nighttime. Make sure there’s adequate lighting at the departure area, too.

5. Position your flower arrangements away from direct sunlight

Setting up the ceremony in a shaded area is not only good for you and your guests, but also for your flower arrangements. Placing the flowers in direct sunlight is in no way a happy ending because they will wilt faster.

Outdoor weddings are beautiful because everyone can enjoy nature, a relaxed ambiance, and wonderful sceneries. It should be well planned out to avoid turning the ceremony into a disaster. These five outdoor wedding tips will surely not fail you on your wedding day.