5 Must-Dos when Planning a Company Wellness Retreat

Employees on a company retreatMore companies now realise the importance of prioritising the well-being of their employees. In the recent years though, wellness programs have focused on improving not only the physical but also the mental health. Hence, the rise of wellness retreats. If this is your first time organising one for your employees, here are some tips.

Iron out all the logistics

Your participants should not be worrying about things like how they can get to the venue, where they will sleep, or what they will eat. Reduce their anxiety by letting them know that all these are covered. Choose the right venue and reserve early. Get a charter bus for hire from companies like monavalecoaches.com.au, as this will be cheaper and easier than carpool. Hire a catering service for healthy and delicious meals all throughout the retreat.

Implement ground rules

This would be something that your employees will dread at first, but if you want to achieve the goals of this retreat, you need to have a code of conduct. Lay down all the rules that will disrupt the flow of the retreat. For instance, allow only the use of mobile phones for a certain time and prohibit loud music or smoking within the vicinity.

Hire and invite experts

Be clear about your intention for this retreat. Is it to cultivate mindfulness? If you are not an expert in this field, invite a person who is. Have her or him help you map out the program and plan the itinerary. He or she can also plot the activities and recommend speakers and professionals to conduct workshops and classes.

Encourage complete participation

Aside from requiring your employees to participate and attend all workshops and classes, you need to make them feel comfortable too. Be clear that in the retreat, you are equal, so people feel freer to share and be vulnerable.

Inject a little fun

The concept of a wellness retreat does not always sound good especially to those who have not been in one. So, you need also to allot a time where people can just be carefree and have fun. For example, if it will not totally defeat the purpose, consider having a Happy Hour. You can also do fun activities like surfing or a simple bonfire and barbecue.

Planning a wellness retreat for your employees is a good initiative. However, for it to be successful, you need to make sure that you tick all the items above. Lastly, when it is finished, discuss how the experience has helped your employees.