5 Benefits for U.S. Veterans You Might Haven’t Heard of

Veteran's Government BenefitsThe United States government has done a great job giving back to veterans who served the country. While some veterans are familiar with the basic health care and educational programs organized by the Department of Veterans Affair, other agencies are putting more effort to help them out.

PRMI Corpus Christi outlines some other benefits for veterans that you might haven’t heard of.

Long-Term Care

U.S. veterans are eligible to receive compensation to cover the cost of assisted living care, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities. You can get more information about this from the Aid and Attendance Program. Couples may receive more or less $25,000 yearly. The legitimate spouses of veterans are also eligible to receive around $13,000 annually to cover their long-term care expenses.

Housing Loans

Apart from the basic housing allowance, which just increased recently by about 2.4%, there are different types of housing loans for veterans. In Texas, they have home financing options facilitated by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA). They offer low down payments with more flexible payment options. They are also lenient with credit score requirements. You might also want to explore your eligibility for a VA loan.

Free Tax Preparation

Veterans can have free professional tax preparation services from the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance offices. These people have expertise working with the complex schemes and processes of military-related tax issues.

Mortgage Assistance

The Department of Veterans Affair can provide financial assistance for veterans having problems paying for their mortgage. They can also modify the loans to make it more flexible for them. You may also explore other benefits, such as VA loans and housing programs for veterans.

American Corporate Partners

This agency can help veterans obtain an occupation after their time of service. Other than job opportunities, they can get mentoring programs and other career development services.

If you haven’t tried the benefits mentioned above, get more information from the appropriate agencies. Exercise your rights and enjoy the benefits you and your family are entitled to.